by Life as Lions

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Rock. Is. Back.


released October 7, 2014

produced by life as lions + allan hessler
engineered + mixed by allan hessler
mastered by troy glesner




Life as Lions Los Angeles, California

Life as Lions is fresh, pensive, and passionate four-piece straight up rock band hailing from Los Angeles, CA.

They're bringing straight-up rock back to the main stage armed with poignant lyrics, piercing riffs, and hard-driving rhythm. Their powerhouse sound and thirsty fan base are a testament to the fact that this foursome is going to be a musical force for years to come.
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Track Name: Goode Co.
Every single second that we’re spending time together
I just can’t wait until we part
I just want to be in good health and good company
And not worry about breaking your heart
Stop crying over spilled milk, baby
‘Cause I want you to hear me now
I’m done with sympathy and silver spoons
When I’m not even a blip on your radar

Because it’s true
Im running out of room for you
There’s so much I want to forget
Let’s press reset

Too young to ascertain
I’m not holding this weight above you
Soon you’ll be on your own
And hear me when I say, “I love you”
I’ve broken promises so many times
I just want to be in good health and good company
And not worry about wasting time

Drop me off right here
I’ll find my own way back
Track Name: Recovery
Innocent as this may start
The stars light up above me
So bright it skips a beating heart
We’ll wake up in recovery

We’ve been put through the ringer
Battered and broken by the
Same old story simple minds in our lives
What doesn’t kill me starts a fire,
And only you could quench it
We paint the roads we’re standing on

We’ll wake up in recovery
With your hand in mine we’ll take our place

Don’t say that it’s all gone according to plan
A man of his own mind could be
Carving his new path in life with his own knife
Look back at all the lessons learned
This was a life not wasted
We paint the roads we’re standing on

I am broken by no means
But this kingdom needs its queen
We need no apologies
This is our recovery
Track Name: Control
From the wrong part of town
Do your skeletons want out?

Does it burn inside you?
Does the greed sit like a brick upon your chest?
This heavy load is too much for one man
But you’re taking every chance you get
There’s no slowing down
But now they’re biting at your heels
You can’t escape the way it feels

I’ll just sit back and watch you burn
You’re standing in flames
I’d show a little more concern
But you’re the one to blame
Now don’t you think you’re in control?
Your life is headed south
I see through your empty soul
Taste the ash in your mouth

This looks familiar
Confused, you don’t know who you should impress
All covered in makeup
To bury all the things you should address
Dolled up and turning heads
Aren’t you the center of it all
When vanity is dead
Your house of cards is going to fall